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About Recorded DVDs

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Q. What are the DVDs you offer?

The Autocar, LLC Web Site provides DVD-R data discs only. Here are some things you should know about data DVDs:

  • A data DVD is used for data storage only and cannot be played on your home DVD player.
  • There are other types of DVDs, including DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM. Be sure to check your computer DVD player to see if it supports DVD-R.
  • Most computer DVD drives manufactured in the past year should have no problems reading DVD-R discs.

NOTE: The various types of DVDs are not completely compatible with each other, and your DVD-ROM drive may or may not be able to read a specific format. Please check with your DVD manufacturer to find out which kinds of recordable discs can be read by your drive. Recordable discs have different reflectivity than pressed discs (the pre-recorded kind you buy in a store), and not all players have been correctly designed to read them. Approximately 85% of DVD-R discs work in existing drives. SINCE ALL DVDs ARE PRODUCED ON A CUSTOM PER ORDER BASIS, AND ARE VERIFIED AFTER RECORDING, THEY CAN NOT BE RETURNED FOR REFUND.