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Searching / Finding Products

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Q. How do I find a product?
A. There are three ways to search for products.
  1. The Keyword Search will find products in the system based on the criteria provided. If you know the exact document number, enter it in the keyword search box, and the document will be returned. You can also enter partial document numbers as well as models, System Group Index (SGI) numbers, and portions of an item’s short and long descriptions.
  2. The Advanced Search provides a method to fine-tune your search results. If you know the model you are looking for but only a partial document number, this search will allow you to narrow your search and make it easier to select a product.
  3. The images on the home page allow you view documents by System Group. After selecting the model, passing the curser over a section of the truck will highlight the System Group. Clicking on the System Group will return all documents for the selected System Group.